Who am I?

Who am I? I'm Gideon Seymour. I do stuff with computers.

More specifically, I work with Modded Minecraft. I've been playing Minecraft since sometime in Infdev, and I've loved the game since then. At first, my progress went slowly, but as Alpha and Beta flew by, I became more and more acquainted with the game. I began playing with mods in 1.2.5 of the release version. The first mod I ever used, and my favorite for the next several years, was Redpower 2. As before then, I had only played in VMC, I found Redpower to be a very welcome experience. It provided new challenges for me to deal with while playing the game I've always loved.

However, brass piping can only satisfy someone for a limited amount of time. With the taste of what Modded Minecraft could provide, I began adding more mods to my instance, with the next two being the Aether and Portal Gun. The mods I included grew and grew until 1.4 came along.

1.4 marked a significant occurrence. As any beginner in the world of mods did, I watched Direwolf20. The instant he showed off the FTB Launcher, I was hooked. Before the video could finish, I went and downloaded the launcher, registering for the account number 7995 on the forums. I downloaded Ultimate, and embarked on my greatest adventure of all time. Using the FTB Launcher, I built my first modpacks, such as Fantasy(raft, a pack based around medieval warfare that had all "c"s removed due to an interesting crash bug. I wrote custom lore and coded Custom NPCs to bring the world to life. I quickly zipped up the instance and sent it to my friends, as I was sure they would enjoy it.

Nobody played it but me.

As 1.5 came into being, I worked on another one of my packs, a kitchen-sink pack by the name of "Benocraft." I have no idea where I got the name from, but I placed into stone the various technological and magical trees. I constructed a beautiful world and set up a server for us all to play on, and jumped in.

Nobody played it but me.

Towards the end of my single-player play on the multi-player server, my friends disinterest with the game that had captivated us for years wore off. As the drama rolled into Minecraft from every side, I rolled out. I began playing other games. I started up a Youtube channel, playing games like Team Fortress 2 and a couple other Valve games. Minecraft was left in the past.