Thursday, February 26, 2015


Rather than talk about the art show the class just went to, which was... well, comprised of pictures, I've decided to talk a little about Pathfinder. It's a space-based pack, and for much more detailed information, you could head over to my interview with Aegaea.

The pack will be my first pack which I'll be including a press kit - this means I'll provide a .zip containing the trailer, various screenshots, and the art used in the logo and in the Quest Book. This will hopefully make it easier for videomakers and other media to create reviews on the pack, etc. I was actually recommended to do this by Aegaea, and I thought it was a good idea.

The pack is due to come out on March 10th, and we're still going strong with that prediction. You can actually visit ValsNoisyToys, who has been provided with an early copy of the pack. I'm planning on giving it to a few more people who are interested as time goes on. Contact me on twitter if you're interested!

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